Don't leave generative AI to the technical.

We help every leader understand the tools that are building our future.

AI is for Leaders.

We are passionate about demystifying AI and creating a foundation of literacy so that you can make the right strategic decisions during times of unprecedented opportunity.


Our unique "Play, Practice, Perform" framework will cut through the noise and confusion and will help you earn a clear understanding of the generative AI ecosystem informed by hand's on experience with the latest tools and processes.

Your team can get ahead of the curve, together.


Our deep and clear understanding of Generative AI trends, tools, workflows and future directions will simplifiy the discussion, helping your team avoid the distractions while creating a shared understanding to plan for your future.

Your team can stay at the front of the pack, together.


Armed with a strong point-of-view and a leadership team that feels confident and can speak from first-hand experience, we can help you get more ambitious in setting and realizing your goals using Generative AI.

Your team can lead the way forward, together.



We meet your team

We engage your team to understand your needs and introduce our method.


We tailor to you

We provide personalized coaching to guide each team member in their exploration.


We play and experiment

We facilitate an innovation workshop that gives your team hands-on experience with Generative AI tools and methods that lead to genuine insight.


We make practice relevant

We create opportunities for skill development that build your team's confidence and guide toward sustainable practice.


You are ready to perform

Now your team can see AI myth from reality, understand the tools available and can plan for the future, together.


Meet the crew

Kate Bowers

Facilitator & Learning Design

Michael Fraser

Innovation Strategist & Trusted Advisor



We begin by fostering a safe and engaging environment where your team is encouraged to explore, experiment, and think outside the box. This stage promotes creative brainstorming and the birth of fresh ideas. In this space, all concepts are welcome, and every contribution adds to the richness of the innovative process.


In this stage, we work on refining these creative ideas and turning them into actionable strategies. This is where the iterative process comes into play - we test, tweak, and try again. Through constant cycles of feedback and improvement, we ensure that the strategies we develop are robust, effective, and tailored to your needs.


The final stage is all about execution and evaluation. Here, we take the tested strategies from the 'practice' stage and put them into action. But our engagement doesn't stop at execution - we continuously assess performance, learn from outcomes, and make necessary adjustments for continuous improvement and growth.